Featuring the attempt of the World Record Dog Walk by any one breed!!

Using the website and registration

Instructions for Using the Site and Registration

Welcome to the official website of Schnauzerfest Rome, 2019!  The  largest gathering of Schnauzers of all types... Giants, Standards and Miniatures found anywhere in the world!  Here you will find 99% of what you will need to know about this year's celebration including our attempt at the  Guinness World Record for dog walk of a specific breed!  We hope you will make your plans to be a part of this history making event and the weekend will be a time you will cherish your entire life!  That you'll make new friends and enjoy the  comradery  of thousands who love this special breed!

     We have a jam packed itinerary of events planned for you and your babies and it can be found right here beginning with the Site Content below.  Be careful to read ALL segments as most of your questions are answered right here!  We will continue to update everyone through our social media sites and the FAQ section of this page.

     The success of Schnauzerfest Rome is dependent on YOU!  We need your help to share our event and spread the word through social media and your local Schnauzer clubs and owners.  Please help us  spread the word all over the country!  We hope to be represented by all 50 states and reach our goal of 1600 Schnauzers!  How glorious!

     Finally lets address many questions regarding registration:

     1.  Pre-registration has begun and the sooner you sign up, the more likely you'll be able to take advantage of reserving rooms here in Rome near the Forum Event Center.  We're also offering a $10 incentive to Register early before the March 15 deadline.  Simply click the Pre-Registration link at the top left of the home page and it will direct you to a contact form.

     2.  Fill out the form completely, then press the purple send button.  Next go right below the form and  select from the PayPal drop down menu of how many dogs you're bringing...the more the better...also cheaper!  We're doing our best to make this event as affordable as possible so you will want to make it a yearly event for you, your family and your babies... click add to Cart Yellow button and you will be redirected to the PayPal site where you will see your selection.

      3.  Return back to our website and continue to add things like Official T Shirts, Mugs and Mosaic prints  by pressing the Shop link  at the top of the homepage...each time you make a selection, items will be added to your cart...return back to our site and sign your baby up for events...

      4.  There will be 3  amateur events strictly for entertainment including our Agility , Best in Show and Talent Contests.  Details found on those pages...sign up your babies and scroll down to add a small fee to your cart to cover judges and trophies!

      Thank you again for your interest and please don't miss this awesome opportunity to be a part of history!  Pre-register today!

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About Schnauzerfest Rome 2019

Click here to learn all about this year's big event!

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Pre-Registration has begun!.  Save $10 by Registering your Schnauzer before March 15.  Also the registration form is separate from the PayPal cart... you MUST send each separately!  Don't forget to press the shop button to be directed to pre-order official T-Shirts etc.  The cart will add up the total before you pay!

Pre-Registration Form

Weekend Itinerary

This is where you can find start times for all Schnauzerfest Rome 2019 events including our attempt at the Guinness World Record for the largest single-breed dog walk.

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Agility, Talent and Best In Show

Click here to learn more about the Schnauzer Agility, Talent and Best in Show Contests

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Official Schnauzerfest Rome Merchandise

Yes, we've got T-Shirts, etc... available for  pickup the weekend of the event! The Merchandise Kiosk will be in the Forum Arena . Pre-orders only to ensure

 we have available inventory for everyone

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Where to Find Pet Friendly Lodging

Click here to find links to Pet Friendly Lodging in the Rome Area including Hotels and RV Hookups and Camping.

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About Schnauzerfest Rome 2019


History in the making...

The 1st annual Schnauzerfest Rome will be held September, 27-28 2019 in the beautiful city of Rome, Georgia.... conveniently located in less than a two our drive from the big cities of Atlanta, Macon, Birmingham, Huntsville and Chattanooga!  This year's event is the beginning of what should turn out to be the world's largest gathering of Schnauzers and their owners from all over the country!  Hundreds of Schnauzer owners have  already expressed interest in being a part of this awesome event! Come join us and be a part of history!

World Record Attempt

The crown jewel of the weekend will be our attempt at The Largest Single Breed Dog walk currently held by 1029 Beagles in England!   We know we can easily beat that and the city of Rome has offered us a Parade from Downtown to Ridge Ferry Park via the city's awesome walking trails...  Rome has just built a spectacular new Dog Park and can't wait to have us try it out!  We will document our attempt and hopefully be presented with the award later in the day!  All that is requested is documentation from your local vet that your dog is indeed a Schnauzer... simply bring your verification with you and submit to the check in kiosk at the event!


Contests and Concert

Later in the afternoon, the beautiful Rome Forum Arena will host our events which include our Schnauzer Agility, Talent and Best in Show Contests, culminating with a FREE concert (for registered attendees) by the 6 piece Tribute Band, Almost Billy Joel.   We have also been notified that our parade will be serenaded by an authentic German Polka Band... Schnauzer dancing is encouraged!

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Weekend itinerary


Stay Informed!

We are working very hard to ensure your weekend experience is one you will never forget and you'll want to make this  an annual event for you and your Schnazuer family!  Things will be changing and additions made to enhance our weekend.  We suggest joining our Official Facebook page by clicking on the link... 

    Here you'll be able to make new friends, upload photos of your babies, offer up great ideas and keep up with updates as we approach our event!  

Schnauzerfest Rome on Facebook

When in Rome....

The City of Rome is bending over backwards to make sure our celebration is spectacular and that we return year after year!  We're so excited to have them on board...  Many Oktoberfest  parties and events are being planned in conjunction with Schnauzerfest including the annual Shakespeare Festival... there will be outdoor Shakespeare plays on both Friday and Saturday evening and all of the restaurants and bars in town know you are coming and will be prepared! 

Learn more about rome

Weekend Schedule of Events


   6:00 pm          Meet and Greet Mixer Event

   7:00 pm          Get to know Downtown Rome

                               (Dinner on your own)


   9:00 am           Breakfast

10:00 am           Downtown Schnauzer Parade

11:00 am           Parade Finishes at Rome's New Dog Park - Play time!

                                (Ridge Ferry Park)

11:30 pm           Lunch at Ridge Ferry 

                                (Chic-fil-a catered)

12:30 pm          Walk back to the Forum Arena (shuttle buses available)

  2:00 pm           Agility Contest at the Forum

   3:30 pm           Best in Show Contest at the Forum

   5:00 pm           Talent Show Contest at the Forum

   6:30 pm           Break for Dinner

   8:00 pm           Almost Billy Joel Concert

                                 (Free to Attendees - Schnauzers welcome)

10:00 pm           Good Night and Goodbyes

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Agility, Talent and best in Show contests


For those who have experience with the agility course, enter your baby in our agility competition!

For those of you with Agility course experience, enter your baby in our Saturday afternoon agility contest!  All dogs welcome but must pre-register.




Nothing cuter than Schnauzers with special talents or masters of tricks!  This is your time to shine in our afternoon talent show and win a $100 cash prize!




For the more serious competitor, Our Schnauzerfest Best in Show competition may be for you... Trophies awarded for Best Miniature, Standard, Giant and Best in Show!


FAQ (As WE get your questions, We'll post them here)

Where to find pet friendly lodging


Choices Galore!

     Rome is full of pet friendly options for you and your babies!  We have many hotels that offer pet lodging for a small fee and a few including Red Roof and LaQuinta that are Free for your pooch!  It is imperative that you get your reservation in ASAP as these rooms fill up fast!

     There are also rooms available in the nearby towns of Cartersville and Calhoun, both less than 20 miles from Rome! 

      Make sure you mention Schnauzerfest Rome 2019 as many of the hotels may offer a small discount in association with our event!  It is always recommended to call the local number provided and speak with the manager on duty as they may be able to offer discounts as well.  We will do everything we can on our end to help you secure a clean and affordable stay!

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